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The Chinese commercial real estate sector has enjoyed booming development with the country’s economic growth fueled by consumption. The floor space of shopping malls in China grows rapidly by an annual rate of 10% approximately.
By 2015, China is expected to have 4, 075 shopping malls with a total floor space of 165 million square meters. However, comparing to the commercial real estate in the developed countries, China’s commercial real estate space percapita still provides ample room for future growth. For the next decade, commercial real estate development certainly will be the priority for the real estate sector in the country.
Catching on the momentum, Gemdale Corporation has unveiled its strategic plan, namely, “one core, two wings”,allowing Gemdale Properties and Investment to be the important arm for commercial real estate. In view of the efforts and practices at the commercial real estate segment that Gemdale Properties and Investment has been manifold be it to build stylish urban landmarks, turning commercial centers into comprehensive complexes showcasing lifestyle and art; or to build district commercial arcades incorporating the historical heritage and local cultures with a contemporary style; or to build community commercial centers who perfectly combines lifestyle and commerce, offering diverse commercial functions and enhanced shopping experience.
In future, Gemdale Properties and Investment will continue to invest into the commercial real estate segment and to speed up the asset development cycle. By means such as introducing business and strategic partners, cross-holding equities, Gemdale Properties and Investment aims to further improve its capabilities of property development and operation. For the years to come, Gemdale Properties and Investment will focus on the commercial real estates, leveraging on Gemdale’s competitive edge in product innovation, enhancing the aptitude in developing and operating urban complexes and making it our core business development model.
Backed by the resources and the competitiveness of Gemdale Corporation, Gemdale Properties and Investment will follow our ideals for urban development, in which the commercial real estate development should go hand in hand with urban development or even to lead the urban development. Scale cannot be used as the single success criteria for evaluation.
Multiple factors have to be considered--- the respect towards the commercial cultures and the vibrancy of city lives. The insistence on innovation and quality will guide us towards our ambitious vision. We aim to be a leading commercial real estate company committed for nothing short of excellence. Gemdale Properties and Investment is striding into the future.
We look forward to sharing the beautiful landscape of commercial real estate with you.