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    With Gemdale Corporation’s cultivation in 25 cities in China, Gemdale PI could benefit from sharing of information and resources to increase its opportunities in land investment and lower the cost for land acquisition. In the future,Gemdale Group will increase investment in Gemdale PI to promote the rapid development of Gemdale PI. 

    The distinct real estate financing business of Gemdale Corporation will drive the development of Gemdale PI. The Wins Real Estate Fund Management Company has become a leading company in China, managing several RMB funds and also working with UBS on managing a separate commercial real estate USD denominated fund.


    With the formidable development capabilities, Gemdale Corporation has launched hundred of premium projects, creating new trend for urban high end residential market. The residential products are developed with a consistent theme, focusing on the cultural aspiration and human oriented functionalities, giving space to a caring community, defining the Gemdale brand as classy, leading, consistent and efficient.

    The Gemdale PI will carry on the Corporation’s insights and the persistent pursuit for quality and professionalism. With our understanding for lifestyle choices, Gemdale PI endeavours to bring the corporate ideals and professionalism to a higher level.


    Gemdale Corporation is one of the top 10 listed real estate companies in China (stock No. 600383.SH). The corporation has had 25 years of history, with a total asset amounting over hundreds of billions RMB, net asset over one hundred million RMB. Its main business remains in the real estate sector and has developed into a two pronged business strategy, supported by real estate financing and commercial properties. As a famous brand in China and one of the “blue chip” real estate companies, Gemdale Corporation is a top tier real estate company with a national presence.

    Gemdale Corporation is ready to lend its full support to the development of Gemdale PI in terms of branding, management and funding through innovative and diversified cooperation models.