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Gemdale Group builds 86,000m2 large shopping mall in Xi’an commercial properties industry

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Xi’an Qujiang commercial zone is one of traditional commercial zones in Xi’an. It combines four functions, namely, scenic area, cultural industry demonstration area, high-end residential area and commercial culture area. Commercial projects mainly encircle Dayan Tower, and the main projects include Great Tang All Day Mall and Qujiang Intime City. There are few other commercial projects. With Metro Line 4 and Line 5 put under planning, Qujiang will attract more and more developers and retailers in future. There have been multiple projects under construction in the zone, in which Xi’an Gemdale Plaza (business invitation information) developed by the old enterprise Gemdale Corporation has been roofed. The business invitation has been launched, and it will be opened in the late 2014.


Gemdale Group entered Xi’an Market in 2005 and successively developed six large projects, including Gemdale Imperial Garden, Lotus Aristocratic Family, Gemdale Lake City, New Century, etc, with a market share exceeding 5% in Xi’an. Based upon the success in residence, Gemdale set foot in commercial properties. In the “GEMDALE PLAZA” brand release conference in 2011, Gemdale’s high management expressed that Gemdale would build 20 Gemdale plazas in the future five years and Beijing, Shenzhen and Xi’an would be in the first batch. With the successfully opening of Beijing Gemdale Plaza as the first commercial project of Gemdale, the unique brand mix and planning design became the marking pole of Gemdale’s commercial properties. In 2013, Gemdale entered Xi’an market with its successful experience in Beijing project, and expected to build Xi’an Gemdale Plaza as the most unique landmark in the ancient city.


According to the reporter’s information, Xi’an Gemdale Plaza has four aboveground stories and two underground stories with total floor area of 86,000m2. The plaza includes premium supermarket, mild luxury brands, leisure and entertainment, and food and beverage. There is Kids Mall on the third floor and Oscar Cineplex and Hyatt Regency Hotel have settled.


Gemdale invested 1 billion Yuan and cooperated with the world’s famous Hyatt Regency Hotels and Resorts to build Hyatt Regency Xi’an. The planning well combines the obvious regional cultural characteristics and the traditional Eastern atmosphere. The total floor area is 64,000m2. It’s a multi-functional luxury five-star resort hotel with 300 luxury lakeside guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, global restaurant, banquet, conference, SPA, chess & cards, bar, swimming, gymnasium, etc.

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