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Gemdale’s second Gemdale Plaza settled in Xi’an Qujiang New District, creating a fully new life style

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Gemdale’s second Gemdale Plaza settled in Xi’an


Gemdale Corporation was founded in 1988, and began to operate its real estate business in 1993. In 2001, Gemdale Corporation was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and became one of China’s Top Ten Listed Real Estate Enterprises. Adhering to the corporate mission of "the science of living" and highlighting the unique features of "professionalism, perfectionism and persistency" in its business operation, Gemdale has become a nationwide prestigious brand with distinctive characteristics and superb competitiveness in the real estate industry, occupying markets in 25 cities with a leading market share. In 2012, Gemdale Corporation penetrated into Hong Kong capital market by acquiring Frasers Property (China) Limited (stock code: 535.HK), a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, which was later renamed as Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited (“Gemdale Property and Investment”) in 2013. Gemdale Property and Investment is primarily engaged in the development of urban complexes, sales properties, office buildings, business parks and hotels. Gemdale Property and Investment is an independent platform of Gemdale Corporation for the investment, development, operation and management of commercial properties. In future, Gemdale Property and Investment will continue to focus on commercial properties and, by capitalizing on the resources of Gemdale Corporation and its extensive experience gained from major projects such as Gemdale Plaza in Beijing, Shenzhen Dabaihui, Xi’an Gemdale Plaza and Zhengzhou Gemdale Plaza, optimize the core business model for the development, operation and management of urban complexes, so as to become a leading developer of high-end commercial properties in China.


Gemdale Corporation entered Xi’an Market in 2005. In the eight years, it built six projects in Xi’an, including Gemdale Imperial Garden, Lotus Aristocratic Family, Gemdale Lake City and New Century, leading high-end residential market in Xi’an. With the gradual maturation of high-end residential clusters in Qujiang, Gemdale Property and Investment settled Gemdale Plaza in Qujiang, which is its first complex project combining five-star hotel and regional shopping center. The project will present an unprecedented and fully new life system to Xi’an. 


As the first commercial project of Gemdale Property and Investment, Beijing Gemdale Plaza is located at Chang’an Street, neighboring on Wanda Plaza, Shinkong Place and Jianwai Soho, with white collars in CBD as target customers. Gemdale Plaza employs the most modern and fashionable architectural technique, scientific and reasonable commercial planning and unique brand mix to meet the fashion pursuits of busy white collars. Different from those multiple commercial projects oriented to luxury products along Chang’an Street, Gemdale Plaza promoted the concept of “Fast Fashion”, a fashion element nearest to white collars in the city, fully taking the advantage of seamless connection with Dawang Road Stop of Metro Line 1 to build Beijing CBD Fashion Center. Based upon the success in Beijing Gemdale Plaza, Gemdale Property and Investment will carry forward the consistent development concept to build Xi’an Gemdale Plaza as the most characteristic landmark in Xi’an and the most vigorous urban parlor in Xi’an.

Family Lifestyle Center near Qujiangchi


Xi’an Gemdale Plaza is located in the core area of Qujiang New District, at the crossing of Qujiangchi East Road and Qujiangchi North Road, only 3km far away from famous scenic spots of Dayan Tower, Tang Paradise and Qujiang Polar Ocean Park, and also 3km far away from Qujiang CCBD, surrounded by top luxury residential clusters. With the further development of Qujiang Phase II and the completion of nine cultural parks in Qujiang Phase II, Xi’an Gemdale Plaza will become be a place attracting domestic and foreign visitors, surrounding residents, white collars in cultural industry as well as businessmen.

From the planning stage, the project invited CALLISON of US which is the world’s number one commercial architecture firm as the designer and Jones Lang LaSalle as the commercial consultant for the overall positioning analysis. The architecture adopts enclosed type and partially adopts balcony and terrace design. The architectural image forms a three-dimensional space by overlapping from east to west. The indoor and outdoor dynamic lines well combine with each other, and the static and dynamic states of nature and commerce and the tradition and modern civilization are expressed in balance. The outdoor overlapping three-dimensional parks together with the lake, the green environment and the illumination create a good place to experience a unique life style. The project will be totally different from the existing products in Xi’an market.    

Xi’an Gemdale Plaza has four aboveground stories and two underground stories with total floor area of 86,000m2, including premium supermarket, mild luxury brands, leisure and entertainment, and food and beverage. Oscar Cineplex Northwest Flagship Store has settled here. Gemdale Plaza will create a fully new and convenient life style, keeping pace with the world, bringing an all-available life experience for Qujiang New District and even the whole Xi’an, and erecting a new marking pole of quality life in Xi’an.

Moreover, Xi’an Gemdale Plaza also took the lead to build a 3-storey Kids Mall for kids exclusively, which completely meets the needs of young mothers and providing a high-quality, safe, diversified and unique kids center for children. This is the kids’ paradise reliable to parents for children’s growth.

On the opposite side of the road, Gemdale Properties and Investment also invested 1 billion Yuan and cooperated with the world’s famous Hyatt Regency Hotels and Resorts to build Xi’an Hyatt Regency Hotel. The total floor area is 64,000m2, with 300 luxury lakeside guest rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, global restaurant, banquet, conference, SPA, chess & cards, bar, swimming, gymnasium, etc. It’s a luxury five-star resort hotel with very obvious regional cultural characteristics and traditional oriental atmosphere.

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