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Contractual Amount of Gemdale Increases by 31% in February

2013-03-11 Source:  Size:TTT

  Yesterday, Gemdale disclosed that it realized contractual area of 135,000m2 and contractual amount of RMB 1.62 billion in February, respectively up 13% and 31%. The total contractual area in January and February was 328,000m2 and total contractual amount RMB 4.1 billion. The Group recently has increased five reserve projects with equity land price of RMB 4.24 billion, exceeding the land acquisition amount in the whole 2012. With regard to market supply, Gemdale announced that, in the future two months, it would supply 16 new or supplementary projects in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Shenzhen, etc.

  Gemdale Corporation is the holding parent company of Frasers Property (stock code: 0535) now. Frasers Property will be renamed as Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Limited on Mar. 12 and it will be an independent platform of commercial property investment, development and operation management under Gemdale Corporation.



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