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Gemdale Megacity Phase II Comes to You with Fine Decoration

2013-12-26 Source:  Size:TTT

In the background of real estate regulation and control policies, the projects positioned at self-use will surely be more competitive in the real estate market. Gemdale Megacity is a typical project of commercial house for self-use. As the champions of sales area and sales number in Shanghai in Aug. 2013 and by virtue of its high quality, Gemdale Megacity has kept attracting much attention in Shanghai. Phase II will promote updated small size apartment in November, winning the favor of many purchasers.

High Quality and Competitive Price

As known by the purchasers paying attention to Gemdale Megacity, in addition to the characteristics of small size “commercial house for self-use” and high price/performance ratio, its price is much more competitive than its surrounding projects at extremely high prices. It’s learned that Gemdale will promote small size apartment with fine decoration, 3 bedrooms at base price of 1.7 million Yuan and 2 bedrooms at base price of 1.5 million Yuan, with unit price of 18,000 Yuan/m2. Previously, Poly acquired Sijing Land Parcel at floor price of nearly 13,000 Yuan/m2. Therefore, the price/performance ratio is obviously high. This brings a very good opportunity to the purchasers for self-use.

As one of the few million-square meters projects in Shanghai and one of the important works of Gemdale Corporation in East China in the ten-odd years, Gemdale Megacity has won high recognitions of purchasers with its high quality, complete supporting facilities and high price/performance ratio. It’s learned that the small size apartments with fine decoration to be promoted mainly ranges from 78~128m2. The design of type of flat is more reasonable and humanistic and greatly increases space utilization rate. Moreover, multiple spaces free of charges further increase the price/performance ratio.  

Quite close to Line 9, Gemdale Megacity can be called metro-side house. It’s located at the next station of Jiuting. Surrounded the project, there are Xujiahui, Renmin Square and Great Hongqiao commercial zones. The residential quarter is also equipped with supporting facilities of commerce, sports, education, etc, further providing a convenient lifestyle for residents.

Cloud Service Creates New Quality Life

What’s more, Gemdale’s considerate care for residents also embodies its strong sense of responsibility. Gemdale Megacity created an integrated whole system customer service platform, i.e. Cloud Service, providing more considerate service for residents. It’s learned that Cloud Service covers “cloud” household, “cloud” education, “cloud” health, “cloud” business and travel, “cloud” consumption and “cloud” public-benefit, six categories and 18 items. 

On this platform, the First Gemdale Megacity Cup Walking Invitational Tournament was grandly held. It’s learned that more than 200 residents from multiple Gemdale communities such as Gemdale Green World, Gemdale Value Bay and Gemdale Green County took part in the 15km walking activity organized by Gemdale. This is one of serial activities of “cloud” health in Gemdale Cloud Service. In the meantime, this starts a fully new quality life in Gemdale. 

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