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Headline Plan Attracts 5,000 Persons in 5 Days and Gemdale Megacity Creates 4 Billion in 3 Years

2013-12-26 Source:  Size:TTT

The activity of helping Gemdale Megacity be headline was launched on Dec. 11, and caused a sensation in the city in only 5 days. Thousands of citizens successively took part in the activity to help Gemdale Megacity be headline. People got rid of shyness and hesitation and spoke out “I love you” in front of video camera. They expressed their love, gratitude and wishes; besides these, they also wished Gemdale Megacity be the best seller and Gemdale Corporation flourish in Shaoxing. 1F of Lantian Cineplex, Century Hualian and supermarket at pedestrian street of Diyang Road, all the sites were lively. Citizens gladly accepted the invitation to take part in the lottery activity at the sales site of Gemdale Megacity. They held the Big News promotion ticket with the warmest smile. We are so happy to receive the wishes of 5000 persons. Thank you for your care and support in the three years.     


Gemdale entered Shaoxing market not long ago, but it caused sensations one by one to establish a new living standard for Shaoxing people. For the life, the people and the society, Gemdale has brought them a fully new interpretation and experience. Moreover, it led Shaoxing people to a fully new era of human habitat. However, we believe this is only a beginning and Gemdale will make Shaoxing much better in future.  


This winter is warmer because Gemdale accompanies you. Warm continues in Gemdale Megacity. Today, Gemdale Megacity places its past honors on the foundation, based upon which Gemdale will start a new journey to realize the residence dream of more people. Three years’ sale champion is the past achievement we made. We will start from Shaoxing people to provide them with a high-quality and comfortable life, improve their residing environment and redefining their residence standard.

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