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Gemdale Art Wonderland, a “brown stone” town, introducing 400-year cultural life to Shenyang

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Leaning against iron-art bay window, appreciating pediment roofs and tasting coffee in corner cafe, live like a middle-class American.


In the second decade in 21st century, Chinese people that have already gotten rid of food and clothing problems pay more attention to ideological world. The city changes quickly, reinforced concrete buildings have sprung up at unprecedented fast speed. Our eyes are exhausted and thirst for green, openness, quiet and affection.


The longing and admiration of modern people make urban residents really realize their return dream, American dream and brown stone dream. Leaning against iron art bay window, appreciating pediment roofs, tasting coffee in corner cafe, you can live like American middle class and lead a classic brown stone life.


As construed in Baidu Baike, the architecture built with brown stone material and red brick rose in Europe and prevailed in Boston of US. Built in 19th century to the early 20th century, brown stone architecture is the symbol architecture of most historic famous cities like New York and New England. This kind of architecture is named after the reddish brown sandstone, a building material used until the early 20th century. Such a house shares a wall with its neighbor house, thus forming a row of houses and becoming an attractive scene in many blocks in New York. Solid wall, exquisite high ceiling, ornamental or wood fireplace and carved and decorated entrance hall, as well as unique iron art lamp, pediment roof, octagonal bay window, corner cafe and artistic landscape sculpture constitute an artistic and luxury picture scroll, from which brown stone style is derived.


Brown stone represents a middle-class, affluent, nice and elegant living condition.


For the modern people that are inured to white and grey reinforced concrete walls and cold urban buildings, a century-old brown stone town indeed brightens their life. They will be astonished at the warm architecture, a kind of warm making people quiet and even touched. A great many of American historical celebrities grew up in the brown stone blocks, which became the image mark and spirit symbol of US. As American President Roosevelt born in brown stone block said, “Architecture is a history written with stone”. 


Audrey Hepburn shows an ordinary but noble demeanor with her graceful and pretty image in the Breakfast at Tiffanys. That’s an unforgettable age. In busy time, buy a takeout coffee and bread in the corner cafe. In spare time, lean against the window to sing and play. Audrey Hepburn perfectly shows the elegant life in brown stone blocks, which make us long for the life. Now, the town in the movie appears in Shenyang, that is, Gemdale Art Wonderland.

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