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Investment Service

In the era full of changes and diversified values, Gemdale Properties and Investment never follows like sheep.
It always adheres to its good traditions, i.e. excellent creation, scientific and precise quality.
It takes more time and resources to
Actively explore the further development of commercial property,
Make use of resources and core competitive power of Gemdale Corporation,
And devote to commercial property,
Aiming to build a landmark of urban commercial zone,
Build a fashionable, open, positive and circulating commercial space,
And realize all-win with urban administrators and brand merchants.
Gemdale Properties and Investment responds the city’s aspiration with commerce and creates a dialogue between the city and the future.

Investment Projects

  • Shaoxing Gemdale Free Park
    Shaoxing Gemdale Free Park
  • Xi’an Gemdale Plaza
    Xi’an Gemdale Plaza
  • Gemdale One Avenue
    Gemdale One Avenue

Hotline: 0575-89967777

Project Address: at the crossing of Qunxian Road and Shuangting Road, Keqiao District

Sales Center: Gemdale Megacity at the crossing of Qunxian Road and Shuangting Road, Keqiao District

Hotline: 029-83316666

Fax: 029-83316666

Project Address: at the crossing of Qujiangchi East Road and Qujiangchi North Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an

Investment Center: Gemdale Plaza Investment Center, in Qujiangchi Site Park, Qujiangchi East Road, Qujiang New District, Xi’an

Hotline: 0755-82781281

Project Address: central area, Shennan Avenue to the north, Fuhua 3rd Road to the south, Caitian Road and Jintian Road to the east and west .

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Supplier registration

1. Provide website with the latest, detailed, accurate and true user information, otherwise you shall sorely bear the consequence and responsibility for providing false information.
2. Supplier’s name: make sure that the supplier’s name filled is consistent with the name stamped on the contract.
3. Organization code: be sure to accurately fill in your organization code.
4. Service area: means which one of our branch companies you serve.
5. Qualification documents: including business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, production safety license, credit certificate, qualification certificate issued by relevant authority, relevant business achievements, etc. Please accurately fill in the information form, and you may be our standby supplier if passing our audit.