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In the era full of changes and diversified values, Gemdale Properties and Investment never follows like sheep.
It always adheres to its good traditions, i.e. excellent creation, scientific and precise quality.
It takes more time and resources to,
Actively explore the further development of commercial property,
Make use of resources and core competitive power of Gemdale Corporation,
And devote to commercial property,
Aiming to build a landmark of urban commercial zone,
Build a fashionable, open, positive and circulating commercial space,
And realize all-win with urban administrators and brand merchants.
Gemdale Properties and Investment responds the city’s aspiration with commerce and creates a dialogue between the city and the future.

Rental Projects

  • Vision Shenzhen Business Park
    Vision Shenzhen Business Park
  • Beijing Gemdale Plaza
    Beijing Gemdale Plaza

Hotline: 0755-26716888

Fax: 0755-26716777

Mailing Address: East Wing, 2F, Building 2, Vision Shenzhen Business Park, 9 Gaoxin South 9th Road, High-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Hotline: 010-58658888

Project Address: 29F, Block B, Gemdale Plaza, 91 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing