As the rarely low-density residence in western Beijing with fully equipped facilities around and convenient access to the core business district such as Shijingshan, Wanliu as well as the financial street, it can realize your urban life within half-an-hour reach. The classical brownstone series of Gemdale Group had been used for the architecture by choosing the Boston brownstone - the top products of the architecture brownstone series. The project is surrounded by three mountains with the overall building relying on the environment of the mountains, and a large scale of “one center and three districts” layout has been planned: the center of the central brownstone, Xiang Garden on the west that is a semi-slope villa, Ya Garden in the middle that is the brownstone mansion residential area, and Dragon Garden on the east, i.e. the brownstone business district of semi-slope club.

Land coverage: 290,000㎡, floor area: 400,000㎡, floor area ratio 1.1

Property Type: brownstone mansion, semi-slope villa