Gemdale Art Wonderland is located on the east of Xinlibao Bridge, closely next to Hunhe and Binhe Park to the north and 500m far away from Hunnan Avenue. It’s the only Boston “brown stone” town closely near Hunhe River. It’s a low-density community of brown stone houses with beautiful landscape and strong cultural atmosphere.


It’s a low-density community like BACK BAY “brown stone” town, with 90~175m2 garden houses, first floor with free large yard and other floors with free balcony. It carries forward the elements of “terraced, staggered and balcony”, front and back yards and basement, maximizing the “brown stone” style. The product design also introduces separated entrance which is only available to villa, front garden, two-line entrance, private semi-underground club and circular balcony. Its overall quality reaches the top level of garden houses in Shenyang and even the whole country.