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Featured   Life


The colorful treasure resort, Can make family shopping consumers buy everything neat in one-stop during leisure time.
Except for perfect devices of boutique and convenience supermarket life, More exotic fresh food, plus some unique and exquisite boutiques, to make shopping life more fun, That’s why people will choose to linger!

Perfection  Fashion


To all-encompass the international famous brands and the enjoyment of light luxuries! It is worth to take money and time for easily enjoy the top quality of life, beautiful shopping environment, feast for the eyes of beautiful beauty.

Joyfull  Trends


The best place to create model elegant demeanour, No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, It deserves to be often cruised.

Laughing Enjoying


The exquisite choice of myriad life, completely relax in the SPA, the wonderful taste of delicious foods, find the beauty of life, to experience the exploration and enjoyment in different sides.

Delicacy Feast

The selection of local classical, Overview of global relish; Let the most captious taste gives in, let the most curious eater surprises all the time. After the delicacies, can enjoying movies with families in five-star luxurious theaters as soon as possible, or sitting in a corner of the grade book, do some quiet reading, Always to make physical and mental more pleasures.




Novelty toys and games to let the angels smile as they please, Laughter echoes all the time. The edutainment education from parents and preschool will make their fantastical imagination run amuck, The parents are willing to pay everything for young child course they frequently make them happy.