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The seamless connection of the rail transportation

Metropolis circle of Hangzhou

Keqiao is located in the core district of business circle of Yangtze River Delta with an obvious advantage in transportation. It is 20km to Shaoxing City on the east, 50km to Hangzhou on the west, and it takes half an hour to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. With the Huhangyong High-speed Rail, Hangyong High-speed Rail and No. 104 State Highway connecting, it is convenient to go to Yangtze River Delta and other main cities. Meanwhile, with Keqiao Station set in the Hangyong High-speed Rail, it takes only 20mins from Hangzhou to Keqiao and this high-speed rail was already put into use since July of 2013; the extension line of Line 7 of Hangzhou Subway has already planned to set up Kebei Station which will enjoy the priority of ‘first stop”. This can accelerate the process of Keqiao fitting into the metropolis of Hangzhou. Therefore, the economic potential in the future is beyond measurement.


The largest scale textile market in the world

A place where thousands of merchants gathering


The China textile city is located in Keqiao county, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, which is the textile gathering center with largest scale and the most varieties in the world, With the market floor area over 3,200,000 square meters, over 20000 operational rooms in conventional area, over 20000 dealers (companies) registered, around 5000 regular overseas merchants, around 1000 foreign representative institutions; and around one fourth of the global fabric trade takes place here every year, around half textile enterprises have their regular offices here, and the amount of the average daily trading is up to RMB0.12 billion. 

Whether it is business practice or commercial facilities upgrade, the competitive gathering of the world’s garment merchants put strong force to the economic development of Keqiao. Nowadays, Keqiao is going to rise through the “New Silk Road” just like the Silk Road leading to dramatic rise of the cities along the road thousand years ago.

One hour to Yangtze River Delta


Core cities within the economic circle

Yangtze River Delta is the place with the quickest economic development speed and the most potential in China. In 2012, GDP of Yangtze River Delta reached 4.2 trillion RMB, accounting for 18.7% of the entire nation. As one of the important cities within the one-hour economic circle of Yangtze River, with the trades among the cities within the Yangtze River circle becoming more and more convenient and frequent, the huge market potential value of Keqiao will be developed continuously, and the potential business opportunity in the future is quite obvious.

The most beautiful and enjoyable resorts in Shaoxing

The recreation and entertainment center for urban leisure


As the last rare lake resources that can be developed in Keqiao, Daban Lake and Xiaoban Lake are the future leisure center and the RBD district combining traveling and vacation, entertainment and leisure, shopping and other functions according to the urban plan of Keqiao, which will be developed into “one-stop” commercial center with residence, traveling and leisure, and entertainment as well as shopping. The development value of the district is evident with broad development prospect.

Banhu Park, as the second largest comprehensive park in Keqiao and covering 1600 mu natural water system, is a city recreation center park combining Banhu Park, city island and wetlands, which will be the most beautiful tourism and leisure resorts after establishment in Shaoxing. It will become the entertainment destination for the residents, migrant workers, tourists from other places and other personnel with the amount up to million, which makes it an unprecedented hot spot for tourism.

Convergence of famous schools, enterprises, and buildings

The consumption will direct the trend of city life



With the gathering of Zhijiang College and Experimental Primary School and other famous schools, the educational industry will bring the business effect.

The convergence of Jinggong Steel Structure, Kuaijishan Group and other key enterprises in this place as well as the white-collar elites becoming the mainstream of the consuming segments in the city ensures the consistent vitality of Daban Lake and Xiaoban Lake.

With the presence of Gemdale, Poly, Longfor, Baoye and other developers, the regional urban function keeps strengthening, and the municipal facilities are further completed. In particular, the big community of Gemdale Megacity has gathered over thousands of high-quality rich families, and the place will become the new core zone in Keqiao, embracing the arrival of a new era of western Keqiao with the temperament of “future new city”.