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A good destination for sightseeing


Embraced by nine parks and one tower, Qujiang, a core tourist zone in Xi’an, is a good destination. Every year, more than 20 million Chinese and foreign tourists visit Qujiang. The large number of tourists forms a great demand for shopping, food & beverage and entertainment.

Convergence Effect of Luxury Residence


100 Thousand Men of Wealth

Qujiang New District is the only urban cluster of luxury residence in Xi’an and the preferred place for wealth life. Domestic well-known developers such as China Overseas Property, Longfor, Vanke, Overseas Chinese Town, Tande and Kamfei have settled. Tens of high-end residential projects were successively built here. Here has favorable living environment and supporting facilities. The number of permanent residents will exceed 100 thousand in future, which will be a strong consumption force. Xi’an Gemdale Plaza is a preferred destination of high-end family style shopping, leisure and social intercourse for wealth families.

Nine Industrial Parks


100 Thousand Business Elites

The government invested quite a lot to build Qujiang as the CBD of Xi’an, including Qujiang Culture Building, Cultural Industry Incubation Base, Qujiang Creation Building, etc. Qujiang Phase II includes publication and media, conference and exhibition, international cultural creation, animation and game, cultural entertainment, international culture, sports and leisure, film and TV entertainment and artists’ village. The nine industrial parks will constitute the most complete, largest and most efficient state-level demonstration district of cultural industry. br />100 thousand business elites will be a strong consumption force. The exhibitions will boost high-end business and food & beverage consumption; new cultural industry attracts the fashionables and business elites and creates needs for leisure and entertainment.

Five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel

Gemdale invested 1 billion Yuan to build the world’s famous brand Hyatt Regency Hotel, the only five-star in Xi’an, which has very obvious regional cultural characteristics and traditional Eastern atmosphere. Hyatt Regency Hotel is only ten paces away from Gemdale Plaza, so you can walk to enjoy shopping as well as local cuisine and high-end business food & beverage, experiencing the perfect integration of Chinese and Western cultures. In 2015, Xi’an Hyatt Regency Hotel will be opened, which will kindle the ancient city.

Located in the center, with convenient transport and a great many of commercial opportunities

Gemdale Plaza is located in the core of Qujiang New District and at the junction of Qujiangchi North Road and Qujiangchi East Road, where people can drive to main arteries like East 3rd Ring Road, South 3rd Ring Road and Qujiang Avenue. Metro Line 5 will run through here and Qujiang Sightseeing Light Rail will also carry a great number of customers. Perfect public transport facilities and multiple bus lines bring a great many of commercial opportunities.

The largest KIDS-MALL in Xi’an



Gemdale Plaza aims to build the largest KIDS-MALL in Xi’an. Novel toys and games greatly delight the angel kids. The playing-teaching preschool education and parent-child activity well inspire the kids with free imaginations. Their innocent minds frequently make their parents burst out laughing in content.