1.The bidding process of membership

Free - customer can hold the valid identity document (id card, officers card, military card, passport, etc.) and shopping consumer vouchers, to Gemdale square member center to fill in "Gemdale plaza member application form", The application form must be completed, After the staff members verify the information is true, it can be dealt with, If not, it must be suppled the data, after win the bid at the same time customers receive Gemdale square membership card.

Apply for the membership card online for free. First land the site, click "enter the member club", select "free to apply for the membership card", fill in the personal information and submit in accordance with the requirements, after receipt the application of successful email or notice, as soon as possible to Gemdale plaza member center, The service person certificate verification in the system of corresponding data of the name and effective id number provided by the applicant, after verification, the applicant can do signature.

Such as customers for that day not carry valid certificates or other reasons not deal with customers card in the day must carry valid documents to the member center in 7 days to make up, Becoming memberships, in Gemdale plaza the amount of consumption will not be integral.

Each person can only handle one card.

2.Membership grade

The gold card members: stores and the project websites of Gemdale plaza for free

The Platinum card members: shopping over 3000 RMB or more than 3000 RMB on the day, or totally 10000 yuan on the month

Membership upgrading: If the gold card memberhip does shopping over 3000 RMB or more than 3000 RMB on the day, or totally 10000 yuan on the month, He can become platinum card membership.

*The corresponding shopping consumption vouchers must kept for the month total accumulative

3.Shopping points

Gemdale plaza food consumption 2 yuan is equal to 1 points, in other categories 1 RMB gains 1 points.

In Gemdale plaza, shopping in the special stores can enjoy the corresponding discount and integral;But in the Non- special stores can only enjoy integral.

Memberships need to present your card first to obtain the corresponding preferential and integral input, When go shopping in the special store; After shopping in the Non-special store can go to the member center for inputting integral.

Members integral validity: The integral conducted once a year, The last annual integral will be reset, this years integral retain.

4.Membership function

The shopping discount of special store: the gold card membership-no discount, can only be integral, the platinum card can read the reference of "Gemdale plaza membership discount details of special stores"

Parking Privilege: every 200 points can obtain a 1 hour parking ticket, and so on, each day can acquire at most 2 copies, which effects in that day. The same car can use at most 2 copies at the day. The weekend and holidays memberships can be arbitrary free for parking for 2 hours.

Birthday Preferential Policies:

The gold card membership – in birthday shopping can obtain a double integral.

Platinum card membership – in birthday shopping can obtain a double integral and a gift.

Provide free gift package, and express delivery

Membership exclusive activities: Having priority to participate in special member activities (fashion, beauty make-up class, food, health class, new bookmarks sale, stars signings, new products and special discount) carried out by the Gemdale Co-brands, media and other resources.)

Membership Gift: The gold card membership can participate in activities of using integral for gifts, The platinum card membership may use integral for gifts and rebate profit.

5.Membership information

When applying for card, members should fill in the real personal information.

Please present membership card in the special stores when cashing, in order to obtain the corresponding discount and integral.

Please hold membership card and shopping consumer vouchers to the member center directly in the special stores for integral input after shopping.

For some private reasons, membership cannot show their membership card, He will be expected to provide member registration information, After checking, He also can enjoy the member preferential and corresponding points.

The consumption should be registered for the integral on the same day, The overdue consumption should be maken up in the month in member centre.

Membership card and card points shall not be transferred.

In order to convenient you to enjoy various members exclusive activities and services provided by the Gemdale plaza in time, please timely call member center numbers or login in website to modify, when your telephone number, email, address and other personal datas changes.

In case of large sales promotion activity, Gemdale plaza membership card can used refer to the rules informed by the stores.

When obtain the membership card, that is, rules and regulations should be accepted at the same time.

Gemdale plaza on the rules and regulations of Gemdale plaza enjoys the final explanation right. Gemdale plaza member center reserves the right to the articles of association of the revision clause at any time, when change without prior notice, details please refer to the store.

6.Membership card using

Membership card of Gemdale please carried with yourself, and properly kept, need to be away from magnetic fields, static electricity, shall not be folded and wear, If it can be used or lost cause by various reasons, you can apply for another card. at that same time, please bring valid identification (id card, card, officers card, military card, passport, etc.) to Gemdale plaza member center to pay 10 RMB).

Member can inform Gemdale plaza member center for activation, termination, suspension of membership card.

7.Members integral query or data changes

Member may at any time go to Gemdale plaza member center or login in Gemdale plaza website (www.gendaleplaza.com) to check your accumulated points or conduct personal member information updates, or if you have any questions please contact the staff member center, which will be resolved within 24 hours in Gemdale plaza.