Milestone R&D office building and headquarter base in High-tech Park


Making use of technology and design, build a Class-A energy-saving, low-consumption, green and ecological business space, construct a three-dimensional lifestyle center of art, vitality and technology experience.  


Phase I

Total floor area: 23,577m2

No. 1 and No. 2 Buildings: 5 stories/building

Area of standard floor: 2,332 m2

Effective area of complete floor: 80%

Parking lots (aboveground): 133

Net storey height: 3m (1F), 2.5m (2F~5F)

Load bearing capacity: 500kg/m2 (1F); 200kg/m2 (2F~5F)


Section A of Phase II

Total floor area: 45,748 m2

No. 5 Building: 6 stories; No. 6 Building: 7 stories; No. 9 Building (activity center): 2 stories (2,247 m2)


Section B of Phase II

Total floor area: 88,411 m2

No. 7 and No. 8 Buildings: 9 stories; No. 3 Building: 5 stories; 3A Parking Building: 7 stories (17,515 m2)


Phase III

Land parcel No.: T205-0108

Floor area: total floor area: 31,200 m2, including 25,020 m2 of business apartment, 4,680 m2 of talents apartment, 1,500 m2 of commerce and 100 m2 of property management.

FAR: 5.01

Parking lots: 200

Land parcel No.: T205-0109

Floor area: total floor area: 208,800 m2, including 193,800 m2 of research and development and 15,000 m2 of commerce.

FAR: 4.87

Parking lots: 1,100