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Financial subsidies

Shenzhen has founded the software enterprise incubator. For new software enterprises, the government will grant financial subsidies from special fund of science and technology.  

Incentive funds

· The government founded special fund for software industry development. 
· Set up three funds of science and technology to encourage enterprises to intensify input in science and technology. 
· Found the grants for overseas returned scholars, and appropriate a certain proportion from the yearly three funds of science and technology to support those overseas returned scholars taking high-tech achievements and projects to Shenzhen for transformation and carrying out high-tech project R&D.
· Encourage domestic and foreign well-known colleges and research institutes to set up production-education-research base, research achievements transformation base, training center and postdoctoral mobile working station in Shenzhen for scientific development and talents cultivation. 

Talent policy
· Any technical personnel working in a high-tech enterprise for more than two years and holding the degree above bachelor can settle in Shenzhen. For the overseas returned scholars working in Shenzhen, their children can enjoy the treatment as registered permanent resident of Shenzhen.
· For the software system analyzers and software system engineers with the degree above bachelor, or the diploma above and with technical title above medium, or for the software developers with significant inventions and creations, they and their spouse and under-aged children can settle (no matter accompanying migration or job transfer) in Shenzhen without paying urban capacity-increasing fee.
· For the domestic or foreign senior technical and managerial personnel introduced by the integrated circuit manufacturer, if they purchase commercial house(s) in Shenzhen, the purchase price of one commercial house can offset the taxable income in individual income tax.  
· The municipal government set up “Shenzhen Technology Contribution Award (Mayor’s Award)” to handsomely reward the scientific and technological personnel making great contributions and creating huge economic benefits for the industrialization of high-tech achievements in Shenzhen.
Intellectual property
The governmental departments concerned in Shenzhen all pay much attention to China’s laws and regulations on intellectual property protection. They endeavor to strengthen the consciousness of intellectual property protection and legal sense in the whole society, strictly punish the acts infringing on intellectual property right, and timely settle the disputes about intellectual property.


· Withdraw R&D expense at the rate of 15% of current net sales amount, and the balance can be carried forward; when the current R&D input exceeds the amount withdrew, list the actual amount.
· The production and research equipment of high-tech enterprise and high-tech project may adopt accelerated depreciation; the production equipment of integrated circuit manufacturer may adopt the minimum depreciation life of three years.

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