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Information is a fortune


The international business resources and networks of the developers, shareholders and strategic partners (e.g. TusPark) can provide an excellent platform of business cooperation for the enterprises settled in, promoting their high-speed development and benefiting their regional growth and expansion.


Abundant human resources


As a leading city in the development of China’s export-oriented economy, Shenzhen has attracted a large number of human resources and established a complete system of service industry. VSBP is located close to the affiliated agencies of 50-odd local and foreign universities and 30-odd research centers, which is a natural advantage of abundant technical resources.


Traffic extends in all directions


VSBP is located in Shenzhen, closely adjacent to Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong. There are four land ports connecting with Hong Kong. Moreover, Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge is in the process of preparation and Western Corridor has been put into use. All these traffic conditions promote closer cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. VSBP has a unique geographic advantage and infinite development potential. It’s the preferred destination for domestic and foreign transnational high-tech enterprises to expand their business. It will take the lead to boost the continuous and high-speed development of High-tech Park.


Hardware environment fostered by the government


VSBP is located in High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Founded in 1996, High-tech Park covers 11.5km2 and owns mature and complete infrastructure. It’s also a district with dense technologies and talents. A great many of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises set up their R&D bases here, including Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Great Wall, TCL, Skyworth, IBM, Philips, Compaq, Olympus, Epson, Lucent, etc. 

Shenzhen High-tech Park is certified as:

■ “High-tech Products Export Base”

■ “APEC Science & Technology Industrial Park”

■ “Advanced National High-tech Industrial Development Zone”

■“Demonstration Base of China Youth Science & Technology Innovation”

■ “National Torch Program Software Industrial Base”

In the favorable environment in which national macro economy develops steadily, VSBP has been always endeavoring to establish and keep good relationships with local governmental institutions. In future, the Park will actively develop the relationships with the municipal government of Shenzhen and the government of High-tech Park, and take any means and opportunities to carry out exchanges with the Central government, so as to ensure sustainable development of VSBP.


The government pays much attention to High-tech Park


Promote independent innovation


As the high-tech industrial incubator, High-tech Industrial Park plays a very important role for promoting constant independent innovations. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the gross value of industrial output in late 2007 realized 191.309 billion Yuan, accounting for 13.83% of that of the whole city; output value of high-tech products realized 181.628 billion Yuan, accounting for 23.9% of that of the whole city.  


In the Industrial Park Development Seminar held on the day of 5th anniversary of VSBP, Director of TusPark Development Center and Chairman of TUSHOLDINGS, Mei Meng, expressed that, industrial park is not the subject of technological innovation, but by integrating various resources, it takes part in innovation indirectly and serves innovation directly; it plays the role of “assistant director” in the innovation process, i.e. responsible for setting up the stage, selecting actors and providing services, with the final purpose of helping enterprises strengthen competitive power and promoting local economic development.