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Gemdale Free Park Product Release & Press Conference is Held Grandly

  On the afternoon of Mar. 30, Gemdale Free Park grandly held the Product Release and Press Conference in Keqiao Lantian Theater. About 700 people participated in the activity, showing an extraordinarily busy scene. Officials of Huashe Subdistrict, Keqiao District, representatives from all circles, property owners, intended clients, partners and media in Keqiao jointly witnessed the grand occasion.


  At 15:00, officials and guests successively entered and all received delicate gifts presented byGemdaleFreeParkwith a passionate violin performance. The activity was started with an excellent project publicity film. Watching the video, guests expected more ofGemdaleFreePark, another high-quality commercial project promoted by Gemdale Corporation. 


   Director of Merchants Invitation of Gemdale Free Park, Zhu Tianqing, addressed the conference. Then, Vice-secretary of Party Work Committee of Huashe Subdistrict, Liang Yuanhong, delivered a speech, in which he congratulated Gemdale Corporation on making big achievements in Keqiao, affirmed the importance of Gemdale Free Park for urban development, and pointed out that the Subdistrict would provide a favorable investment environment and good service to assure the development of Gemdale Free Park. 


  Early on, Century Mart (世纪联华) and Lantian Cineplex thought highly of Gemdale Free Park. As the representatives of merchants, they addressed the conference and signed LOI with Gemdale, aiming to create new fortunes withGemdaleFreePark. Secretary of Party Work Committee of Huashe Subdistrict, Lou Gangqiang, GM of Gemdale Free Park Project, Li Jin, and representatives of Century Mart and Lantian Cineplex jointly started the launching ceremony, and the activity came to a climax.


In order to repay clients’ care and support, GemdaleFreeParkpresented 20 Midea convection ovens worth one thousand Yuan each and two IPHONE 5S phones (1st prize). The activity was closed with the exciting lottery of 1st prize IPHONE 5S Gold.


It’s hereby reported.



                                             Marketing Management Department

                                                        Mar. 30, 2014