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New Bund No. 1 Sold 90% in 2 Hours

  New Bund breaks a record and takes 9 months to come into the market

  Gemdale and Youngor joined hands and realized building sale in only 9 months after acquiring the land on Mar. 5, setting a new standard in real estate industry and opening a new bund.

  After 4 months preparation, New Bund grandly landed in Ningbo

  From project launch in September, Sanjiang Yacht Activity in October to intensive promotions in November, New Bund No. 1 grandly landed in Ningbo after only four months, leading a new trend in the city.

  300 subscriptions in 2 days, a big record in building market of Ningbo in 2013

  One week after the opening of 3,000m2 demonstration area, the subscription activity was launched, i.e. prepayment of 20,000 Yuan means a future deduction of 30,000 Yuan from the total price. New Bund No. 1 received 300 subscriptions in merely 2 days, which was a bid record in building market of Ningbo in 2013.

  90% sold in 2 hours, another perfect miracle in building market

  Dec. 28, 2013 is an unforgettable day in the building development history of Ningbo. New Bund No. 1 jointly developed by Gemdale and Youngor made a sensation in the whole city. It started the sale in December in the city and sold 90% in 2 hours, which was another perfect miracle in building market.



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