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VSBP “Lantern Festival” Activity is Held Successfully

  The fifteenth day of the first month in lunar year is China’s traditional Lantern Festival, and the Lantern Festival of 2014 is also the Valentines Day, which happened once every 19 years. Thus, the meeting of Eastern and Western festivals created a happy atmosphere and added a new beautiful scene to the park.

  After elaborate preparations, the “Lantern Festival” Activity jointly organized by Vision Shenzhen Business Park Co., Ltd. and the park’s property service center was held in Zone B on Feb. 14, at 11:30 a.m. The activity consists of two parts, namely, “lantern riddles party” theme activity and games like two persons running with three legs, radish jumping and throwing rings. The two parts were carried out at the same time in different sites. Hundreds of clients took part in the activities. The whole park was pervaded by a happy and lively atmosphere.  

  During the activity, “colorful lantern riddles” with progressive difficulty is a big highlight, with prizes of electronic scale, Chinese style office suite, vacuum cup and other small gifts, attracting a large number of clients.



  Lantern riddles party and games were both started with a long queue. People queued to take part in their favorite games and competed in cheers and joys. “This Lantern Festival Activity is very interesting. We won prizes for guessing lantern riddles and playing games. It’s very funny. I had a good time on this Lantern Festival”, said Miss Wang excitedly, a tenant in the park. 

  The Lantern Festival Activity was successfully closed based upon the cooperation between Gemdale Properties and Investment and Gemdale Property Management. The Activity not only added joys to the festival, but also closed up to clients, winning applause and deepening the brand image of Gemdale Corporation in clients’ heart.