Gemdale Group Rated as Highest Ranked Best Real Estate Employer among Forbes World’s Best Employers 2018

Among the 84 Chinese enterprises in Forbes List of World’s Best Employers 2018 released today, Gemdale was rated as highest ranked Best Employer in the real estate industry!

There are 84 Chinese enterprises included into the list this year, with an increase of 40 enterprises and almost a two-fold increase year on year. Among the 7 real estate enterprises on the list—Gemdale, Country Garden, Greenland, Shimao, Longfor, Jinke and OCT, Gemdale is highest ranked real estate developer. This is the second time for Gemdale to be included in Forbes List of World’s Best Employers.

This survey is a joint effort of Forbes and Statista based on 2,000 publicly traded companies from 60 countries and regions across the world. After an analysis on over 430,000 global recommendations, the top 500 companies have been ranked in terms of working conditions, corporate image and diversification. Employees were asked to rate their employer, whether they would recommend their friends or family members to work for their company, and fill in their ideal employer. The 500 names on the list have a gross sales amount of USD 39.1 trillion, a total profit of USD 3.2 trillion, total assets of USD 189 trillion and a total market value of USD 56.8 trillion.

As an enterprise run by intellectuals, Gemdale Group was again included into the  Best Employer List of Forbes, which showcases the continuous influence of the brand and corporate culture. Over the past three decades since its establishment, Gemdale Group has always upheld the corporate spirit and core values of “Devotion to Work, Integrity in Conduct, Boldness and Enterprise, Dream Inspiration”. It has been committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, creating continuously stable earnings for shareholders and partners, offering employees with broad development space, and undertaking due corporate social responsibility.