Gemdale Properties & Investment East China Branch releases a New Business Strategy and launches the First Project in 2019!

From: Commercial Real Estate Cloud Think Tank

All Gemdale Properties & Investment’s projects to be developed appeared together, there being an amazing spoiler for 2 new business product lines and the first project…

On November 28th, Gemdale Properties & Investment Corporation Limited ( “Gemdale Properties & Investment”) held a press conference themed by “Fantasy Blossoming”, successfully refreshing insiders’ awareness of it!

At the conference, Gemdale Properties & Investment East China Branch told the outside world its new business strategy.

The Jiuting Gemdale Plaza, a blockbuster released at the press conference, including it brand-new business idea and first list of brands introduced, showed the outside world Gemdale Properties & Investment East China Branch’s “great ambition” for commercial real estate.

Jiuting Gemdale Plaza

Rolled out as a Blockbuster in September 2019

According to public information, the Shanghai Jiuting Gemdale Plaza, adjacent to Metro Line 9 Jiuting Station, covers a total building area of 315,000m2, including 80,000 m2 for the shopping center.

At the press conference, Gemdale Properties & Investment officially announced to the outside world that it would roll out the plaza on September 21st, 2019.

Undoubtedly, as the first project concerning the new business strategy of Gemdale Properties & Investment East China Branch, it shoulders the mission of introducing its new business idea to the outside world. So, its operation has naturally become a focus of attention of the outside world. We may be able to find the answer in the information released at this conference.

Despite a span of time of about 10 months from the official opening of the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza, the signing rate has reached up to a high level and a good reputation has been gained in the industry. Such achievements might be made for the following two reasons:

Target Customer Locking through Commercial Positioning

At present, most of the forms of business in the Jiuting region are traditional ones, lacking high-quality experiential business projects.

According to statistics, there are potential 410,000 consumers, most of whom are household consumers aged 26-35, in the surrounding area 3km away from the project site. Women and children have strong demand for household consumption, having high requirements for quality, fashion and experience. Considering these consumers’ portrait features, the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza regards them target customers with the aim of providing them with business content that can meet their needs.

In terms of architectural form and business format setting, the project takes advantage of various conditions, including the transport network, to meet customers’ different living needs with a box-like shopping center+commercial street: The box-like shopping center covers all types of business and can make it easy to meet consumers’ one-stop shopping needs; the outdoor commercial street serves as a lively leisure space to meet customers’ needs at night.

It is not difficult to find that this commercial combination mode can fully meet young household consumers’ “dynamic and static” needs in “day and night”.

It is worth mentioning that the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza is equipped with pink window shutters and a green garden on the roof, aimed at providing customers with a brand-new exquisite commercial atmosphere.

Many Brands enter the Plaza

To promote the Quality Upgrading of the Business Circle

This business idea has also been recognized by many brands, and the list of the first brands to be introduced released at the press conference is a good example.

We have noticed that although the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza is not located in a traditional core business circle, it’s highly attractive to brands:

Influential store brands: CGV, Yonghui BravoYH Supermarket;

Retail brands: SEPHORA, Uniqlo, ARTE, AGATHA, Chow Tai Fook, Trek & Travel, mu, MOUSSY, SLY, NIKE, ADIDAS, Under Armour, Neiwai, 6ixty8ight…

Restaurant brands: Starbucks, HEYTEA, LELECHA, Xibei, CHAO MAN, Cou Cou Hot Pot, Bunlife, Lacasa, Peter’s Gourmet, Attakai Kokoro Tea Shop, Honeymoon Dessert…

Lifestyle brands: Yitiao, DYSON, Mi Home, NESPRESSO, Mannings, SCENT LIBRARY, My Gym

It is not difficult to see on the list that HEYTEA, LELECHA, MI Home and Yitiao are new brands to the plaza. After it is rolled out in September next year, the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza certainly will promote the quality upgrading of the commercial circle.

A New Business Strategy

To “fight” for a New Territory in East China

In fact, the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza is just one of the new commercial product lines used by Gemdale Properties & Investment to “develop” the East China market.

As an “upstart” in the commercial real estate industry, Gemdale Properties & Investment (00535.HK) is an enterprise that specializes in the comprehensive development of real estate and the management of assets. By development and sales of many property types, such as commercial center complexes, industrial parks, quality residences, long-rented apartments and star-rated hotels, the Company provides integrated spaces and services for enterprises and individuals in the cities and city groups with the greatest development potential to create more urban values.

According to the statistics by Gemdale Properties & Investment, as of the end of 2017,  Gemdale Properties & Investment had 84 projects under construction in the most valuable areas in Chinese first-tier cities, core urban agglomerations and second-tier cities, stock land that covered an area of about 14 million square meters, and annual sales revenue of RMB45.3 billion. In addition, Gemdale Properties & Investment upgraded its layout strategy to overseas markets in 2016, starting up 8 projects in 4 gateway cities of the USA.

lso made key arrangements. In addition to the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza, it has undertaken many other core business projects, including the Shanghai Changshou Road Subway Upper Cover project, Changning District Xinhua Road Internet Celebrity Headquarters, Greater Hongqiao Business District and Suzhou Renmin Road Business District, covering a total area of nearly 1 million square meters.

The new business strategy released this time indicates that Gemdale Properties & Investment will take more actions in East China with support from its head office and East China Branch’s comprehensive, professional business operation management team.

In East China, where many high-quality developers have gathered together, Gemdale Properties & Investment has aMr. Zhang Chi, Deputy General Manager of Gemdale Properties & Investment and General Manager of East China Branch, said at the conference:

In terms of regional layout, East China Branch will focus on Shanghai and Suzhou, two core cities, and meanwhile make key arrangements in some other second-tier cities, including Wuxi and Nantong, to build a strategic urban group in which “Shanghai and Suzhou interact with each other to promote development in other cities”, so as to increase the number of commercial center projects and start up leading urban projects.

As for the product line, Gemdale Properties & Investment also has a clear goal.

Gemdale Plaza: an “exquisite family life center” that is based on regional household commerce and advocates a high-standard, interesting lifestyle. It is built in first and second-tier cities only. At present, Gemdale Plaza has entered Xi’an, Hangzhou and Wuhan.

Gemdale Center: a medium and large-sized commercial complex, aiming to be an “exquisite urban business landmark” that advocates exquisite business and consumption experience, consisting of a shopping mall, office building and hotel. It is built in the core areas of important cities. Currently, Beijing Gemdale Center has produced a certain demonstration effect.

Whether it is the Jiuting Gemdale Plaza, which will open next year, or the new business strategy for East China, it implies that Gemdale Properties & Investment “has come prepared”.

“New technology, smart retail and upgraded shopping experience”…as part of the information released by Gemdale Properties & Investment at the press conference, and how will it achieve this goal in the future? As its projects in East China are put into operation successively in the future, Gemdale Properties & Investment is expected to give one “perfect answer” after another.