Commercial Complex

The economic growing power formed by industries needs to be transmitted, fermented and upgraded in a commercial space. Gemdale Properties & Investment is devoted to, with an urban complex as a carrier, providing complex commercial spaces and services with comprehensive functions and infinite vitality in the downtown area to constantly promote the continuous innovation of the urban work and life styles. As of the end of 2019, Gemdale Properties & Investment had 29 commercial center projects in operation or under construction in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Covering an area of over 2.8 million square meters, those projects fall into different categories, including super-high-rise office building, large-scale mall, star-rated hotel and urban apartment. By professional planning development and operation, the price of those projects, as core urban assets, has been continually raised while fully meeting the various needs of all enterprises, merchants and people concerned.

Cooperative brand
    • 金地广场
    • 金地广场作为金地商置潜心打造的专注区域/社区生活配套、商务办公配套的购物中心品牌,重点布局中国一二线城市,形成品牌化、规模化的战略布局,倡导“精致生活,温暖相伴”的品牌理念,专注服务城市中产阶层及其家庭,持续推动城市生活方式的革新升级,成为承载大众情感的容器与连接社交关系的纽带。

    Major projects